Awesome quick disconnect for a garden hose.  I then use a Liberty Garden cart to house my main hose. Whenever I need to water around the house I simply roll up my cart, use the quick disconnect and I’ve got a working 100′ hose with very little effort. Keeps the yard looking clean and you don’t have to leave a 100′ hose laying around. I tried the metal quick disconnects but it was very hard on my arthritic hands; however, this plastic version is so easy to use and doesn’t leak a drop. I highly recommend this to everyone who is looking for a great way to save money and clean up the yard.

Christian Geyer

These garden hoses are very nice. They are super flexible, but what I love even more than their ‘no kink’ promise is their weight! That’s right, ladies. No more lugging around a whole 40lbs of hose and dragging the hose reel after it because the old hose won’t unroll. These are so light, I can pick up 50ft and carry anywhere in the yard. So light and easy, everyone who works in the yard should buy one- or better yet, two! I actually bought 4, two for me and 2 for my sister.


This Quick Connector Set does just what it’s supposed to do so far. I’ve only used it for a couple weeks. It attaches to the hose and faucet easily and connects and disconnects easily. And it is leak free which is more than I can say for the hose it attaches to. I bought a quick connector set of another brand at Home Depot and neither I nor the salesperson could figure out how to separate the parts! I plan to order a couple more to attach to different hoses.

Wendy Smith
Account Manager

I’m a landscaper and have tried every brand of hose on the market. They are all either too heavy (3/4″ rubber), or they are just plain lousy. They all kink, get stiff, etc, etc. I tried this hose 3 yrs ago even tho it was 2x the cost of the other so called “no kink” hoses.  This hose doesn’t kink no matter what you do. I have 5 of them so far, and plan on buying more. They used to sell them at Menards, but not anymore so I’ll have to order them from now on.

Purchasing Manager

We just went from the worst garden hose to the best garden hose.
Last week we got a pocket hose with out a doubt being the worst .
this one is light & flexible,so easy to work with.
being over 70 this one i can use.

John Koehler
product manager

This stuff is hard to describe, it’s like holding on to a water balloon or a limp snake. You expect it to pop but it doesn’t. You can wad it up throw it down in a heep turn on the water grab the end an go, it’s hard to get this stuff to kink and kinks (the one time it happened) go away with a yank.
Drag it down a narrow path turn come back an it follows like like an adoring pet python. Most hoses around here act more like a worm on a hot rock getting snaged on just plain everything along the way.
I am back to get one for the wife.
It’s nice to buy something your %100 happy with.

Stephen A. Cobert