Production capacity

We have excellent production technology, strong production capacity, excellentproduct quality.


cost effective

To provide  high quality, cost-effective products and services.


Perfect management

A sound management system and abundant production experience, to make our products with excellent quality.

Design capability

Creating demand through our strong design in ability , keep us growing together with our principals.

  • Our advantage

  • Kaiping Prosper Industrial Co., Ltd. Has a member of enthusiastic and hard working staffs, with over 10 years expertise within the industry.  Prosper company has been become one of a leading PVC hoses manufacturer in China.

    Clients & Testimonials


    • Awesome quick disconnect for a garden hose.  I then use a Liberty Garden cart to house my main hose. Whenever I need to water around the house I simply roll up my cart, use the quick disconnect and I’ve got a working 100′ hose with very little effort. Keeps the yard looking clean and you don’t have to leave a 100′ hose laying around. I tried the metal quick disconnects but it was very hard on my arthritic hands; however, this plastic version is so easy to use and doesn’t leak a drop. I highly recommend this to everyone who is looking for a great way to save money and clean up the yard.

      01 – Christian Geyer
    • These garden hoses are very nice. They are super flexible, but what I love even more than their ‘no kink’ promise is their weight! That’s right, ladies. No more lugging around a whole 40lbs of hose and dragging the hose reel after it because the old hose won’t unroll. These are so light, I can pick up 50ft and carry anywhere in the yard. So light and easy, everyone who works in the yard should buy one- or better yet, two! I actually bought 4, two for me and 2 for my sister.

      04 – Sabbyk
    • This Quick Connector Set does just what it’s supposed to do so far. I’ve only used it for a couple weeks. It attaches to the hose and faucet easily and connects and disconnects easily. And it is leak free which is more than I can say for the hose it attaches to. I bought a quick connector set of another brand at Home Depot and neither I nor the salesperson could figure out how to separate the parts! I plan to order a couple more to attach to different hoses.

      02 – Wendy Smith
      Account Manager
    • I’m a landscaper and have tried every brand of hose on the market. They are all either too heavy (3/4″ rubber), or they are just plain lousy. They all kink, get stiff, etc, etc. I tried this hose 3 yrs ago even tho it was 2x the cost of the other so called “no kink” hoses.  This hose doesn’t kink no matter what you do. I have 5 of them so far, and plan on buying more. They used to sell them at Menards, but not anymore so I’ll have to order them from now on.

      03 – steve
      Purchasing Manager
    • We just went from the worst garden hose to the best garden hose.
      Last week we got a pocket hose with out a doubt being the worst .
      this one is light & flexible,so easy to work with.
      being over 70 this one i can use.

      05 – John Koehler
      product manager
    • This stuff is hard to describe, it’s like holding on to a water balloon or a limp snake. You expect it to pop but it doesn’t. You can wad it up throw it down in a heep turn on the water grab the end an go, it’s hard to get this stuff to kink and kinks (the one time it happened) go away with a yank.
      Drag it down a narrow path turn come back an it follows like like an adoring pet python. Most hoses around here act more like a worm on a hot rock getting snaged on just plain everything along the way.
      I am back to get one for the wife.
      It’s nice to buy something your %100 happy with.


     New  Products

    And commitment to new techniques and new technology research and development of new products.

    Core value of company

    To provide customers with cost-effective products and services


    To help customers succeed, we have been pursuing the goal.

    • Mature R & D team

    • strong design capabilities.

    • Detailed sales and after sales tracking service

    • Payment security

    • Industry excellent manufacturer

    • Product high quality

    • Strict quality control

    • Strong production capacity

    About Us

    Our Skills & Services

    Who We Are & What We Do

    What we are good at

    The company was founded in 13 years, accumulated rich experience in production.


    Specialized design on reinforced with knitted polyester,anti-torsion,non-inflated.
    Made from top quality material,high flexible,anti-torsion,anti algae,anti UV and non inflated.
    Can be used for all seasons.

    Available for different color.

    Temperature: -5℃ To +65℃
    Application:Widely used in gardening,indoor and outdoor cleaning,aquarium etc.

    All kinds of plastic products, looking for your favorite products:

    • PU HOSE

    • PVC Fire Hose

    • High Pressure Air Hose

    • Superflex PVC Hose

    • Heavy duty Suction Hose

    • Light Duty Suction Hose

    • Clear Vinyl Tubing

    • Garden hose Reel

    small-for-tabs03 Premium Quality – Three Arm + ABS Plastic Rotary Lawn Sprinkler.
    Effective Water Sprinkler Irrigation System – Patented design of water-saving device can be targeted to save water most by adjusting the water density, size and scope.
    Easy Use – Connect water joint to the connector and tap.
    Long Spray Distance – Up to 26ft-32.8ft Distance with International Standard Pipes.
    Different Spray Direction – Direct or 45 degree.


    • Easily connects hose to outdoor faucet
    • Includes one male faucet adapter and one male hose connector
    • Connector and adapter snap together using spring compression
    • Interchangeable with most quick connector systems
    • 2-year warranty


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